July 17, 2015 Youth Impact

Let nature be your mentor

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” –Albert Einstein
Wilderness can be the best mentor.  Here are the seven things you must learn while exploring nature.

Thoughtful contemplation of nature teaches that we know very little about life. It is much more than we perceive in our daily life.1

Adventures increase your self-confidence and strength.


Attitude of gratitude and love towards nature brings contentment and relieves pressure.


Through exploring our senses we can revive a more vigilant and more deeply alive link to life as it is at the moment and we can explore our senses while exploring nature.


Nature helps in improving the sense of direction and intuition.5

According to a study, spending time in nature makes people feel more alive and happy.


Resilience is being tough like a seed that bursts opens the ground and starts its life as a plant.7


Written by: Haadiya Bashir