July 31, 2015 Youth Impact

5 Keys to a Positive Personality

Positive Perception



You can’t do something good unless it has been given thought. Try to think in a positive and confident way. A change in the mind will be followed by changes in life.

Eat Healthy



The mind and body are deeply interrelated. When and if the body nourishes, the mind flourishes. Eat good nutritional food to get yourself going. It’s right when they say, “You are what you eat“.

Healthful Habits



Engage yourself and your brain in activities that better your well being. Like the body, the mind also needs to intake good Mental Food. Think positive so it may train your brain to do so.

Worry less



Try not to think of all the things that could or have gone wrong. Pay attention to what’s good. You should not worry too much about everything but instead let things flow as they are.

Good Company



People who make you feel good and have a positive impact in your life should always be kept close. A good surrounding of people will allow you to think positively and do positive deeds as a result.

Written by: Arsal Rana