April 21, 2015 Youth Impact


Ever heard of Wall Street?
I am sure you did.
What if I tell you, you can also be among one of the leading financers of the world!
I am sure Mir Muhammad Ali Khan has a good answer to this question.

From cleaning tables at Burger King to support his education to becoming the youngest Chairman and Founder of an investment bank in America, Mir Muhammad Ali Khan is a story of struggle, hard work, exuberance, and on top of all that– he’s a protagonist of humility and humbleness.

Eyes on your goal, and nothing in this entire world can stop you from achieving what you desire! That’s what the secret of his success is.

He firmly believes that young, talented and energetic youth of Pakistan have immense potential and talent to succeed in all aspects of modern life.

Mir Muhammad Ali Khan has had a successful career as a Founder and Chairman of The Financial Group, Inc., Federal Adviser to Government of Pakistan, a member of New Jersey Governors Council, a senior adviser to New Jersey State Mayors and US State Senators. He is well reputed in the international market as an Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Adviser. He was the youngest Chairman and Founder of an investment bank in America and the first Muslim and Pakistani to have owned an investment bank at Wall Street. He was a backbone in introducing and promoting Islamic Banking research to conventional America by co-sponsoring and recommending Harvard University to launch Harvard Islamic Finance and Information Program.

“As a stock broker I used to make around 600 calls a day but they’d would hear my name and hang up straight away–I was rejected because of my name. It took me couple of months to make a list of Muslims living in the US and I started to target them to trade stocks. This worked out very well and this is where my journey to introducing Islamic Finance in America and owning an investment bank began!” he expressed.

The definition of success as defined by Mir Muhammad Ali Khan is:
“Success is very ill defined around us. Many people think that accumulation of wealth is success, which is WRONG! Accumulation of wealth is a by-product of success. While, accumulation of health, happiness and satisfaction from your life is what success really is.”

How to be a successful entrepreneur? You’ve got yourselves some useful tips by Mir M Ali Khan

“Money doesn’t bring success in business but it’s an entrepreneur’s character which does. Character development is important. You should learn to build mental tenacity. There is no perfect business plan, it is a continuous learning process–be eager to learn, teach a little you know and follow role models, learn how they kept themselves positive through the thick and thin.”

“To be successful, stay positive and kill the negativity inside you. Think and you’ll be that–stay persistent and have a proactive approach, these two are as essential for success as water to our living. Success is not measured by wealth, it’s a by-product and POSITIVITY is the foundation!

He’s been a part of many conferences and seminars on banking, around the globe, including Harvard University, Columbia University, Islamic Society of North America, London Islamic Banking Conference, Toronto Seminar of Muslim Bankers and Islamic banking seminars held in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and, many other countries. He is still being invited as a motivational speaker all over the world. Currently he is the Co-Chairman of AMZ MAK Capital Limited, a financial holding company dedicated to the youth of Pakistan. It funds ideas that can empower young and dedicated Pakistanis to run their own corporations.


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