May 11, 2016 Youth Impact

Importance of Curiosity in Society

Hello there!

I have been thinking quite a lot about advancements that have taken place around us. To be honest they are JUST TOO MUCH!!! It’s weird, but I feel a little awkward when people discuss important new features there iPhone 107 or something has, Oh! And it just doesn’t stop there. I have to embarrassingly nod and gap at whatever they speak because I am completely clueless about the foreign language they are speaking. Believe me it’s frustrating! Do you feel that too? Oh you poor soul!



Okay! Let’s sort this out! Maybe we feel odd because we are Unaware of the developments and advances that have taken around us. And I think that the only way to shun this vice is to get curious about everything around us. Curiosity is a weird thing you know!  It gives you knowledge of known and unknown and helps you keep up with this racing world.2



Curiosity as a behavior and emotion is attributed over millennium as the driving force behind not only human development, but developments in science, language, and industry. It was curiosity that made us rub two stones and start a fire, it was curiosity that turned a shapeless rock to a circular wheel.3                                                              Via:


And guess what the smart phone that you are holding in your hands right now is also the work of this beauty that we call curiosity! Even the basic framework of a child’s mind is formed by curiosity. It is the age of 2 till 4 that a child questions ceaselessly and forms his perceptions about things and the drive to question this is attained by the help of curiosity!4


So let’s stop feeling odd and put on our thinking caps. Let’s start taking a keen interest in our surroundings and the developments they are undergoing. I say we ask a million whys and hows every day. Know new stuff and remain updated. For the world is advancing way too quickly and it is unaffordable to be left behind. Let’s not be the odd ones anymore. Have a happy curious day.5





Much love

Ayesha Hameed.