April 20, 2017 Youth Impact

IMPACT-  Infusing Markhor Spirit to Produce Affective Character Traits

Lights, Camera, Impact!

This is what Markhor-17 is all about. What is your IMPACT? And how to amplify it? This year MARKHOR is going to revive your souls in a magical journey of 5 enthralling days, by:

I–    Infusing
M– Markhor Spirit
P– to Produce
A– Affective
C– Character
T– Traits

The word “character” originated from the Greek kharassō (χαράσσω), which means “I engrave”. Character is something that is engraved or “etched into” us by the experiences that we go through life.

                                                                             Image Source: bitsofpositivity
At Markhor, the biggest source of inspiration for affective character development is “Markhor”-the national animal of Pakistan. Infusing Markhor-spirit teaches us some of the most important traits for developing an impactful character such as:


Markhor is a majestic endangered mammal, that symbolizes the magnificence with which it strives for its survival. Therefore, infusing Markhor-spirit into youth helps them create a stronger urge for thriving in the ever-changing global circumstances to sustain their unique identity.


The animal prefers living on dangerous and steep cliffs of the mountains to protect itself from wild predators and trophy hunters. So having a Markhor-spirit teaches youth to be dauntless in the face of overwhelming odds.


The grace with which this beautifully-horned animal successfully struggles to sustain itself at high altitudes, rugged mountains, harsh climate and food deficit develops in youth the spirit to fight uncertainties of life with virtue and dignity.


These animals have strong role in the food web of the mountain ecosystem and their presence ensures to keep it in shape both for nature and humans. This is an exemplary for youth, making them realize their worth and highlighting their IMPACT on world.


The strength and glory with which Markhor escapes all dangers, jumping several feet high while bearing the heavy weight of its beautifully twisted horns is an inspiration for youth to dig out their hidden reserves of strength and discover their IMPACT.

Organised lifestyle:

The Markhor inhabits high altitudes in summer where the weather is relatively cooler and shifts downhill in the winters. It spends its whole life in the same way in an orderly fashion. So adopting Markhor-spirit can help youth organize their lives to yield a bigger and better IMPACT.

So “Markhor” is a brilliant initiative, reshaping the character of Pakistani youth so that they can have a stronger IMPACT!                                                                             Image Source: pinterest

-Mahnoor Tariq