October 13, 2015 Youth Impact

“I will bring some positive change in my society!”


A symbol of pride, for everyone who witnessed the charms and learning’s of this very event! An event where you are supposed to forget about “I” and think as “we”, where you’re taught the essentials of team work practically, where you explore yourself, your efficiencies, you deficiencies. An event where the outcome or end results of a particular task aren’t important but the path being chosen. An event where you witness such a huge diversity among people, where you witness the diversity of cultures still being in harmony and peace, still being very kind and helpful to one another despite of the cast or the place from where you or the other person belongs! And that is how you define a tribe, forgetting about yourself and thinking about your people. The tribe names which reflect the positive and the best side of our country.. I’m proud to be a graduate of markhor. The journey didn’t end with oath taking ceremony rather I believe it started when we spoke The last word. Whatever, from now on , I will bring some positive change in my society, the ultimate credit goes to you people. Thankyou markhor’15. Thankyou makhor team! Pakistan zindabaad.

Hamza Muzaffar

Delegate Markhor’15