October 21, 2015 Youth Impact

“I realized that Markhor was way more than what we had imagined”


“As I pondered, I found out that there were not too many limitations if I did it my way, if everyone did it their way and make it “our way” together, whenever there is enthusiasm, there is a creative joint empowerment that a mere person is not capable of so, people say one couldn’t understand the true purpose of life but I would say that people are unaware of “MARKHOR”. Like others I used to think that MARKHOR was nothing but a national animal of Pakistan or to say so, just a wilderness based leadership conference, but on 1st of October I realized that Markhor was way more than what we had imagined. On My very first day I was introduced to a group of people from 12 different cities with 12 new faces and 12 different mind setups and to my surprise, in no time I found a family in all those faces. I went through the survival night, and it would never have been possible for me to cook a dish named “MASALA MOTATO “alone. My tribe made it possible. When I was named leader of the group I realized that life was just not about winning or making your team win just like that, but it was actually meant to show you how well you could perform and how well you could deal with the problems and difficulties you faced. When it comes to a team I learnt that nothing is impossible if you are working as a one single unit. My days were full of planning and my nights were full of cherishing pleasures. The thing that I am missing now is the way I interacted with such an intelligent bunch of people. Markhor made me realize that life is short but if you add some value to it then this short life would be everlasting and would always be praised by others when you are no more there to prove it again. It was Markhor which made me realize that holding hands and infusing a sense of prosperity is the 1st step forward to the success.
While travelling in 2035 to 2045 I lost my envelope and someone told me a fact that was a life changing moment for me and that was “Sometimes you have to start from the scratch in life so don’t you worry and continue because time never waits for someone”.
My experience at Markhor was Marvelous and still can’t find words to express what I learnt or what I feel about being a participant of it. A person’s life is just like a novel, difficult to start reading and exploring but when started the interest develops itself, that’s what MARKHOR is all about.
I will always remember each and every moment of my life spent at MARKHOR 2015.”

Asim Saeed,
Delegate Markhor’15