October 11, 2015 Youth Impact

“I learnt that every stimulus is a challenge that builds you”,

“I was extremely happy when I snagged a place in markhor. As I reflect on my 4 days at Markhor. I’m naturally led to appreciate what my tribe has done for me, I know they don’t care for such exposure, but I must express my gratitude the way they deserve.
(From carrying my bag, all the way to the top, to serving us break fast and the massive respect y’all gave me)
Even as markhor dissolves into the past. I’m confident that we’ll keep in touch. We’ve survived thro’ thick and think, is a testament of how strong our bond is. You’re the best and undoubtedly the highlight of my time there.
Life has its ups and downs. Some are just worse than others. I guess it’s how we deal with every moment that counts. In some cases, it involves reasoning with people who view a certain topic in a senseless manner just for the sake of asserting their dominance without basing their arguments on a sound rationale. Ergo, some fully rely on the use of ‘assumptions’ as a convincing tactic to stand out from the pack when trying to prove a point as an absolute asseveration, regardless of its credibility.
During our group discussions on the topics provided by mentors, A mere assumption that was based on an uncalculated intuition. An intuition which led to an invalid conclusion. A conclusion which led to an error in judgment. A judgment which led to a total disaster.
One of the most noteworthy is to have the courage to stand up and say: ‘I’m afraid I don’t know the answer because I haven’t thoroughly went through the proper way and the right sources to answer it’. Or, something along the lines of ‘My opinion resonates no more than a mere assumption and does not in any way project a factual statement’.
I learnt that every stimulus is a challenge that builds you, and overcoming that challenge is what makes them meaningful.
I loved how they focused on giving. Conventional notions of what it means to give are populated with expectations for reciprocity, that makes the deed lose it’s value. Give with all your heart, with pure intention, not for the sake of attention.
I loved how they shifted the focus from external to internal in women power lectures .
Peace comes from struggling against the desires.
Keep your chin up. And remember, you deserve the best.”


Maryam Javed
Delegate (Markhor’15)