October 15, 2015 Youth Impact

“I Have never been this clear about my motives and goals in my life!”


“Markhor ’15 was a life altering event that has left me spell-bound from the past week! This event was one of it’s kind. Love at first sight was indeed a myth before this. Before the starting of this event I had this dilemma whether to attend this event or just let it go because it was a vague concept, but a friend of mine convinced me that no matter what happens you should attend this event as it will affect you in many different ways! Now after those four beautiful enigmatic days I’m sitting right here wandering in the beautiful mountains of Mukshpuri. To be honest I was of this view that I should not attend this event because it was simply a wastage of money and it won’t buy me anything but truly it has changed me in many different ways. I Have never been this clear about my motives and goals in my life! Now I have started questioning myself that am I fit for Pakistan. So it all began when I reached the event on 1st October and met the best people there. They came all over from Pakistan from over 100 institutions! This was the first event of this scale and these four days did nothing but made our bonds stronger. We all lived as a family where there were no cultural, regional or caste discrimination but we all were Pakistanis . I was never this confident but that event taught me many things that no matter what happens you should never let go of yourself, and always believe in your-self! There were so many hidden qualities in me . From the very first day from preparing food to the last day where we had to take a walk and summarize our lives it discovered many things I was capable of. It would not be fair if I wont mention my awesome tribe mates here. We passed all the hurdles together. We watched each others backs and learned many things! We fought , we cried , we laughed and made a family that we’ll never ever forget! I think this event was simply like a fairy tale and we cannot describe this event merely by writing paragraphs!


Umer Ehtisham

Delegate Markhor’15