October 16, 2015 Youth Impact

“I have learned, to SEE the change; we need to BE the change”

edsMarkhor has been a ‘total’ experience. When I first signed up for it, I was quite unsure as to what it might all be about (mostly because of the clandestine adventure theme and to be honest MASHA ALLAH all the team takes their secret ‘secrecy oaths’ quite seriously :P’. Well, I did came in with a dubious Mind and an Open heart emoticon and form there starts the roller coaster ride. The Hike, the self-made Food, the Fire, the bonfire Stories, the Night in Sleeping bags (with the feeling that the camp’s gonna fly off with the winds anytime now :P), the Early Morning Wake-up calls, the only one fill of Tea, the Sharing, the new Revelations with new Games, the gradual habituation of having each other’s back, the Ice-cream formula, the Zid Technology, the decade leaps in Soul Walk, the awe-inspiring key-note sessions, the amazing Team & Flawless Management, all made Markhor’15 an experience worth having.

The ‘nature is your class room’ notion seems half-baked and overly dramatic in our daily monotonous life routines, but Man! That connecting with the nature Idea really Works!

I have learned that a Leader is not a person in a group who goes forward and takes credit for a team effort, but knows when to hold back and helps nourish an environment where everyone gets equal opportunities to best utilize their energy, expertise & skills.

I have learned that spending time with yourself & contemplating is as important as spending time with friends & family and partying. You sit down, relax and have a conversation with yourself as to what you wanted yourself to be and Who are you now? Helps one to prioritize and have a clearer perspective of things. A conversation we otherwise just procrastinate!

I have learned, to SEE the change; we need to BE the change! People are visual learners. We need to ‘show’ them what a powerful youth can do to contribute to a welfare society.

I have conjectured, that may be revolution isn’t a riot, or mutiny, or a colossal change in the masses, maybe all the revolution our society needs, is the Harmony, Discipline & Fire in ME..!!


Zureesha Sajid

Delegate Markhor’15