October 21, 2015 Youth Impact

“I had conquered my fear of hiding in the shadows and the fear of living the life itself”


“Some say don’t go searching the worlds unknown to you. I say that is what you must do. 1st oct 2015 was a day when I stepped into something that was completely unknown. I knew no one and had never been into the wild before and so it was the first dare for me. Coming out of the 4 day event I had conquered my fear of hiding in the shadows and the fear of living the life itself. But the most important thing was I met a hundred and twenty stories a hundred and twenty people carried. 120 different aspects of the life I wasn’t living. I made friends with some great people in the shape of many including Alina Takreem, Asim Saeed, Khawar Shah, Taskeen Mansoor, Mahnoor Shahbaz Khan, Moheed Ullah and the rest. I gained sisters after a wait of 19 long years of my life including Sundus Altaf, Mahrukh Mahmood. What begin as a trek into the wild ended up being nature’s way of telling me that I am not alone waging this war against the protocols and saving humanity from humans themselves.
The wild gave me an answer that I had been looking for or I should say THE ANSWER that I looked for.
You can’t be someone who changes the world if you do not become the change itself. Aakif Azeem was a lost cause as he desperately searched for a place to hide to question himself back to life. Miss Mahrukh and Abdul Samad Bhai Provided my Thirst the channel to look for the waters I searched for. Thinking about life when being on top of a mountain made me realize one thing. That mountain reached that height by persevering harsh conditions. sometimes it was snow and cold while sometimes it was it’s loneliness. But the mountain stood there with determination but this wasn’t the lesson I learnt. The lesson was that even after reaching that height The mountain wanted to be conquered! He knew That One day someone would climb his way on the top and claim it’s glory.
“You never stand on top. You make your mark in the world and disappear, leading back to what I learnt Lead Without Title” ‪#‎ThankyouMarkhor‬ ‪#‎family‬‪#‎Leaders‬

Aakif Azeem

Delegate Markhor’15