June 23, 2017 Youth Impact

I found out my impact, but what’s yours?

Impact, —hmm — seems so simple and plain a word. Never knew these 6 letters could actually have an ‘impact’ (pun intended) But they did, trust me they actually did, and it’s so much more than that. Let’s fast forward to me actually figuring my purpose at “Markhor’s freedom bell.”

I was asked to close my eyes, and take a deep breath, relive my moments, I thought it was absolutely bizarre honestly, but I played along. There was a deep but oh-so-calm voice that took us all down the walk of the memory lane. It stopped being bizarre for a moment, it was actually making sense. No! It can’t be, is this a dream? How is it so real?

When we were asked to think about all the things we did in life; the good and the bad. I think to myself: ‘Okay let’s see how this goes, it’s worth a shot’


Normal 18-year-old, sheepishly wakes up late from her daily routine, plays video games, surfs the internet, and watches tv? Lol my bad, who does that anymore #Netflix #And #Chill. All the usual things. That went on for a while. Until suddenly it took a deep, dark turn. We were asked to imagine how we grew up taking our first steps, falling into our parents’ arms, and along the way the so many people that stood by us. And suddenly that same voice creates a scenario of us being… Dead? ..

What? No! But I’ve got so much to do this isn’t right! I can see my parents crying I want to stop it, my friends who I haven’t seen in such a long time they’re right there but I was to blind to see I was so distracted by technology. My grades dropped, I never payed attention. I took my parents for granted, everything for granted. I end up in tears. Devastated at what I did, to my OWN life!

At that point, I see a little boy maybe aged 8-10 and he apologizes to me. I look up in awe, and I question about why he apologized. What he says next leaves me traumatized. “Remember once you were on the road driving, and I was at the signal when your car stopped at the red light, and all I asked was for some money but you yelled at me, telling me I was a failure. I had to pay for my brother’s tuition fee actually, I couldn’t though, he got kicked out of school. I cried when I failed, your words hit me and you were right, but I prayed to God that someday you’d realized that crying on that street that day hurt me. I’m sorry. I truly am but I guess karma has its ways.’ I immediately wake up I couldn’t stand it, how selfish was I? How could have I been ignoring my surroundings because I was so glued into my phone. I was furious I wanted it to stop, I wanted it to be over.

But then I thought instead of praying for it to end, why don’t I start from the beginning, at day I changed, I changed my heart. I thought of the person should be. Today I stand at being one of the top volunteers at Teach for Pakistan where I teach English and Math for free to street children, I aim at opening a school ahead for the under privileged.
Source: hopeandfortune.com

That one day had an impact. That’s my impact, Have you figured out yours?