April 28, 2015 Youth Impact

How to raise a markhor nation

Stunning elegance, a breathtaking look of eternal beauty and a will to survive like no other. Even these huge words are nowhere near an ample description of the markhor. They are merely the bare minimum of what the sight of a markhor instills in the hearts of onlookers. However, the markhor is much much more than that.

Its powerful stride and exquisite appearance signify elegance and nobility. The keen senses and docile nature show a genius at work; looking out for potential enemies yet never a ripple of fear or panic even in the face of danger. Its amazing speed and agility demonstrate the art of staying one step ahead of the enemy. The fierce look in its eyes express the undying will to survive even in the harshest of conditions and the resolve to never give up. That is the true markhor – a born fighter.

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Markhor.jpg

At this point, important questions arise. How can we raise a nation whose every individual has the traits of the markhor? How can we instill the qualities of the markhor in our youth? How can we raise a nation of fighters?

To answer these questions the youth have to be shown the way of the markhor. The will of the markhor has to be instilled in their hearts so that they can follow in its footsteps and eventually form a markhor nation together.

What is the will of the markhor?

It is the will to survive in the most difficult situations and never back down or lose hope whatever the case. It is the spirit of fighting till the end and never giving up. It is art of being resilient till the last breath and keeping one step ahead of the enemy. It is skill of being fearless at all times and staying calm in the most dire of situations. Furthermore, it is the way of being victorious and instilling fear and awe among all others and to move forward towards progress whatever the case may be.

By teaching the will of the markhor and encouraging the nation’s youth to venture the path it shows, we can ultimately achieve the goal of creating a markhor nation. A nation that fights for what is right. A nation that never gives up no matter how high the odds are. A nation that is never intimidated and never fails to stand up for the right cause. A nation that is always one step ahead of its enemies and never fails to progress.

By Faran Shahid

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