January 16, 2017 Youth Impact

How To Establish A Leadership Potential For Everyday Challenges

In order to make the most of our everyday life, there are several skills that we must develop. These skills ultimately develop our potential as a leader and makes it easy for us to overcome the remnant inevitable challenges.

So regardless of whatever you are doing in life, one thing must always be kept in mind: You have to LEAD at it. So, whether you are a teacher, student, entrepreneur, dishwasher, para climber or an outdoor enthusiast you must exercise the skills that will help you towards becoming a better leader in your field.


“Leaders are common men with extraordinary principles”

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Leaders have a defined set of principles

The problem with everyday challenges is that often people get misguided. They are forced to deviate from their own views and principles. This deviation puts them under the follower’s category and they ultimately end up following the same track as others.

True leaders always have defined principles. Regardless of time, need, culture and situation they never deviate from their self-created principles. So you know what they say, when everyone is going west, these motivated individuals go to east. They involve themselves into self-service and set a stream of followers who understand the authenticity of their principle and the clarity of their mission.

So in order to be possess a leadership potential follow your principles by heart. An example is from the relationship of a mother and child. A mother always teaches her child life principles from a very young age such as: don’t smoke, don’t lie, don’t steal, help the poor, feed the needy. This way the child never follows bad and negative principles in the life that comes after.


Leaders pay heed to the needs of others

A true leader is the one who understands the needs and requirements of others. Regardless of whether the other person is his teammate, child or sibling. Leaders are empathetic, and everyday challenges also require from them the same attitude.

Adjusting to the needs, requirements and casualties of others is the strongest aspect of a leader. This way the leader can give his fellow people their required space which prevents them from getting frustrated and bothered.

In order to be aware of people’s needs we must learn how to communicate. Communication is the best way that will make you aware of their problems. For example, I once went for an interview at AEISEC Islamabad and my interviewers gave me a role play in which I was the leader. 3 of my team members were depressed altogether because one was lost in the demise of his cat, the other had problems with his siblings and the third one was tired and sick. So I had no option left then to only adjust to their needs and play smart and cool.


Leaders are planters not builders

You might be thinking how this one fits into leadership potential. An analysis of all the successful leaders shows that they are not builders but planters.

As Poulo Coelho once said, ““In life, a person can take one of two attitudes: to build or to plant. The builders might take years over their tasks, but one day, they finish what they’re doing. Then they find that they’re hemmed in by their own walls. Life loses its meaning when the building stops.

Then there are those who plant. They endure storms and all the vicissitudes of the seasons, and they rarely rest. But unlike a building, a garden never stops growing. And while it requires the gardener’s constant attention, it also allows life for the gardener to be a great adventure.

Gardeners always recognize each other, because they know that in the history of each plant lies the growth of the whole World.”

So great leadership potential comes from being a planter not a builder.


“Leadership is hard especially when it comes to action.”

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True leaders take initiative in groups

We all know that acceptance of a leader’s and follower’s position is really intimidating. But all great leaders started out as followers. But did differentiate them from other followers and ultimately lead them towards becoming a better leader is their ability to take initiatives in groups.

Several real life examples are present that illustrate the success of taking initiatives. One includes the life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) who always took initiatives in his group. This way the followers paid heed to his vision and mission and ultimately he got established as a role model for the entire human population.

Leadership as I believe is something very easy. Only if we do not assume it to be something that is bigger than us. Following a handful of essentials can always help us in becoming great leaders. But don’t forget that if a small challenge is handled with care only then can big challenges be conquered. So adopt leadership principles in everyday challenges as well.

-Annosha Durrani

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