April 27, 2016 Youth Impact

How Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

A leader is the individual who possesses the rare quality of leadership. Leadership is basically the capacity to guide other people. What makes people trust others? It definitely requires abstract association. Some say leaders are natural willpower athletes. Yes! There is no perplexity in this notion, as willpower drives a person in achieving a particular goal. Same can be attributed to a leader, being a premier personage.

That was the first step in understanding this particular impression. But farfetched is the second part: the trust that masses put into leaders. Why do they people allow leaders to lead? How is such a compelling trust developed? Does being the authority automatically make you a good leader?

Recently I had chance to go through Simon Sinek’s TED Talk Why good leaders make you feel safe

bbbSimon offered a very beautiful explanation by referring to the idea of sacrifice. According to him, sacrifice is the only thing that separates leaders from commoners and because of this sole reason, commoners trust their leaders.

A leader is not egocentric or self-centered. A leader puts his life on the line first. A leader is already a better version of himself and that is why he has nothing to gain for himself. He sacrifices for others.


Your Parents are the best example
Have you seen a farmer who works in the field all day long or a Mason who carries all the physical burden on his weak shoulders, just to educate or better the livings of his family? Have you ever looked for the reason behind it? He has not seen the luxury of life himself but why is he suffering so much to make your future better than his past? That’s the essence of leadership. This abstract emotional connection inspires people to follow them.

Reality of Situational Response
Theoretical reasoning clarifies this by taking into account the ‘Context Factor’. According to this idea, at a crucial point, someone with the most experience is more likely to lead others as compared to those who are not exposed to it. Even if we accept this justification, still there’s a need to introduce the variable of ‘Sacrificing’ because, ‘Not everyone who is experienced, shows up’


Distinguishing between an Authoritarian and a Leader
Ask yourself a question. Would you feel safe if your job owner forgives for your mistake and guides you? Or if he punishes you or costs you your job? You would definitely go with the first condition, I assume.
This shows the major difference between a leader and a controller. A leader maintains the environment of security. As a leader is to lead, not to lower others down. A leader inspires instead of influencing.


High aims, heart charming words, vigorous spirits are the material for leaders


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