May 9, 2017 Youth Impact

Going beyond limits- The Markhor Spirit

Actions are something through which you can surprise yourself and accomplish things you had once only wished for, or achieve and understand something you believed was incomprehensible. Frequently we surmise that once we make progress or satisfy our fantasies, we then get the prize of staying “there” for whatever is left of our lives.

After achieving something we want we often stop thinking about achieving better and become reluctant. Really, there is no “stop,” we’re generally a work in progress with new statures to go after and new achievements before us. Regardless of the amount we accomplish, new snags will introduce themselves and to changing degrees our questions, fears and hesitations will go with them.

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These fears and hesitations are obstacles that stop you from getting you goals in life

You must stop focusing on problems but on your goals and you must believe in yourself, you must believe that through hard work and consistency you can achieve your goals. To achieve you goals you must break your limits and to break your limits you must make yourself a man of action.

Regardless of whether you’ve ever gone past your impediments or just barely planned to, it’s something we all can do. Now and again we simply require some additional help and a decent lift. You will know your limits when you try to extend them and even then, you must continue to break out of your comfort zone to achieve more and more. To break your limits, you must remember that nothing is impossible, you must believe in yourself, you must clarify you intentions, you must make a decision, you must be realistic, you must have a plan, and you must stick to the plan.

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