August 10, 2015 Youth Impact

Faiq Sadiq’s Ice Cream Story



I think no Markhor would be complete without Faiq Sadiq’s infamous ice cream story. A story that inspires Markhors from all over Pakistan to shun mediocrity and go for their goals in life no matter how many times they have to fail in order to succeed.

When I first arrived at the top of Markhor13 and came to know about a certain senior-level banker that was listed as one of the key-note speakers, I thought surely that one would be one to forget as I have generally found them to be boring and too calculating.

Enter Faiq Sadiq at the second day of Markhor and BAM! Just like that he swept us off his feet with his characteristic danda wielding while emphasizing on his points. He began by telling us that Allah has made us the most powerful livings things ever created and there was absolutely nothing we can’t achieve in our lives. What you need is a spark of motivation and he began telling his own story in the chilly evening of Mukshpuri.

He said that once when he was a child, there was a swimming gala held in the local pool and there were supposed to be some children’s races too. When he found out that the prize was going to be his favorite ice cream, there was no doubt left in his mind that he needed to win it come what may. But there was a slight problem, he didn’t know a, b, c of swimming at all. Everybody tried to warn him about the water and drowning but he didn’t care. His mind was fixed on his prize.

When the race started, it went as expected. He couldn’t swim a yard and began drowning at the starting point. The lifeguard pulled him out, but he told him off and said he be put back in the water. People were worried that he had gone insane (which he is a little bit!) and tried to intervene, but he had only the ice cream in his mind. He was given another try and then another try and then another one. Finally, despite knowing no swimming at all. He half waded, half drowned to the finishing line and he was given his ice cream and he was satisfied. He had achieved what he wanted despite not knowing how but with the sheer force of his will.

That’s what we all learned from him and we hope you all will too at this year’s Markhor. You must be prepared to meet your dream heedless of obstacles!

Written by: Talha  Dar