January 28, 2017 Youth Impact

Conquer your spirit: The leopards’ attitude

Leopard is an agile creature, gifted with the possession of agility, strength and spirit. It can survive in the most daring environmental conditions where resources like food and shelter are lacking. But the endangered species still marks a spot in the Asian mountains. Regardless of tough survival conditions the leopard has conquered its spirit which has allowed him to survive through the thick and thins.


People who train to become leaders are true leaders

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Train your mind like a leopard

Leopard has trained his mind over the years adapting to the changing environment, working its memory towards the degrading environment and global warming. In order to survive the leopard has adopted different ways to hunt its prey and often in times of need has relied upon different types of prey to fulfill his hunger.

Like a brain training program, the leopard has evolved over the past years into a more tactical specie. Training to the changing environment and the hunting by humans, leopards have now become more elusive and agile.

In order to hunt incredibly ingenious specie that can hunt down other species and survive through the tough environment needs a significant training.

Human being has to adjust to the changing environment, social scenarios, wars, poverty and many other problems. A trained mind keeps the person in a perfect working condition.


Dealing with stress

Lack of survival, resources and the degrading habitat is a constant stress. In order to deal with it the leopard has adapted itself to longer periods of hunger strides. Because the creature is quiet and prefers to live in solitude, it often hides in the mountains to escape from becoming prey to other wild animals.

Stress for any specie is inevitable. Human beings like leopards have become victim to it. Everyday challenges and even small tasks come with stress. In order to deal with it an individual must keep his mind active, adjust to the changing conditions, be flexible to the requirements of work and always be able to work the stress out through therapeutic activities.

By conquering these weaknesses, ultimate success with greater impact can be achieved.


-Annosha Durrani

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