May 5, 2017 Youth Impact


Since the inception of humans on this planet, the struggle for survival has been there too. With every passing era, humans needed different set of skills to survive. In the early times, hunting skills were necessary for survival and food. Similarly socializing skills were needed to have relationships among each other. With changing times came different challenges that were to be averted. Each challenge required a specific skill for survival. This began the evolution of the human race and their survivability skills.

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This tells us how important challenges are for us to build and acquire specific and vague set of skills. These skills help us in being dynamic and surviving in this challenging world. Similar is the case in transformation of a person from being selfish to a helping hand. Challenges we face create an urge in us to overcome them, which require skills like, socializing, team work, critical thinking, and leading. Every development we see in today’s world is an outcome of some challenge that was faced by a human being, and brilliantly overcome or solved with different skills. To acquire skills, we must face a challenge in the first place.

Survival is the ability to swim in strange water, by Frank Herbert.

Talking on the individual level, every challenge we face, brings something new to our set of skills. We strive to solve those challenges quickly and efficiently. These challenges help us transform ourselves into better humans. To make the world better, we have to make an impact on the whole society by helping others acquire skills to overcome their challenges.
All humans are equal before facing challenges, they are like wingless eagles, but the more challenges they face, the newer skills they acquire to overcome them. Those skills are the wings that grow larger and larger with challenges. And there comes a time when the wing span is so big that one can fly sky high. The shadow of their wings is the impact on the world that motivates others to not run away from the challenges but face them in order to grow their wings and fly. Challenges are the source of transformation for a person. Find new challenges and be ready to fly even higher.