January 31, 2014 Youth Impact

Smart Tajir

Smart Tajir – is a training program to teach students powerful lessons in the area of self-development and importance of being one’s own boss. It is an experiential workshop where the young students are facilitated to enhance their self-awareness, discover their hidden abilities and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Through a series of engaging and hands on exercises, the participants learn about the fundamentals of doing business including product development and management, marketing, sales, customer services, financial and operational management.

Training Modules:

Module A: Unlocking Potential – Participants learn about self-confidence, success psychology, power of dreams, ideas into realty, leading from the front and working in teams.

Module B: Mind your own business – The module develops the foundation for entrepreneurship, where the participants understand about the basics of entrepreneurship, qualities of an entrepreneur, develop business plans and learn about various stages and process of a business.

Module C: The market day – A hands on experience where the participants establish their company, develop, market and sell products and services and manage real-time financials.

Module D: Mentoring for success – Based on the market day performance, our team of facilitators and mentors help participants review the process, learn from the experience and make it applicable in real life.

Module E: Connecting with real world (Optional)In this optional module, the participants are facilitated to apply the learning on a real time business opportunity available in their locality.

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