May 10, 2017 Youth Impact

Aspire to Inspire

How glorious is the word “spire”-meaning the highest point or summit. When you just one more letter to make it “ASPIRE,” it becomes your ambition and when you mould it into “ INSPIRE,” it turns into influence. Aspiration kindles the fire of passion in your heart to achieve an aim whereas inspiration instills an urge of creating, amplifying, and exalting influence.

“Aspire to inspire the change you want to see”
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Man exercises dominion in knowledge, righteousness, and holiness over all other creations, being the representative of God on Earth. You have been sent to this world for a purpose, you are gifted with a brain to conquer the universe, to strive and make wonders. You are empowered to use your capabilities to change people and glorify the world – in short, you are beautifully bound to ASPIRE to INSPIRE!

Different people have different aspirations, goals, and aims. The holiest of all, I believe, is inspiring others: striving to make a difference, nurturing the best version of yourself to become the light of hope for others, motivating, encouraging, and influencing the people around. Isn’t this the best legacy we can leave behind?

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People who “ASPIRE to INSPIRE” reach beyond themselves and live lives that are more meaningful and successful. Such characters always tend to:
Build people: Help others build their own road to success. Appreciate people for their little achievements and deliver constructive criticism only. Learn to celebrate people! Small compliments have a way of brightening any day, regardless of the dark shadows that may be overhead.

You don’t believe me? Find someone in your surrounding wearing a frown, tell them how cute they look today, and watch a bright smile take over their face.


Listening is a channel to catharsis. In the modern era where no one has time to listen TO others, lend an ear, whole-heartedly. When you listen to the people around you, you show them that they matter, and that their ideas are worth hearing. Plus, you’ll better understand what they care about, and what their goals are and you’ll better understand how to motivate and inspire them.


Support the struggle of others. Help them cultivate the dreams of their own. Many people are only a step away from success. They just need a little hope and somebody who believes in them. So those who aspire to inspire tend to support others.

Be Enthusiastic:

Passion is something you must be willing to express if you want to inspire others. As it is said “enthusiasm is contagious,” reflect enthusiasm to the people you interact with. You never know when your enthusiasm becomes a motivation for someone to aspire their own dreams.

Be Authentic:

Be true to yourself. Embrace that individual inside you that has ideas, strengths, and beauty like no one else.  Be the person you know yourself to be – the best version of you – on your terms.


Those who inspire lead by example. They personify the change they want. They practice what they preach and walk the talk! One of the best ways to help others live meaningful, significant, lives is to set an example by living that kind of a life yourself.
Help people heal:

Help people dive out of their past and mend them into a better self to secure a brighter future. When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Do something that’s greater than you – something that helps someone else find happiness and suffer less.



Effective communication is the gateway to better understanding and thus a long lasting influence. Clearly convey what you mean and mean what you say. Share your vision and ideas often with those around you.
Share: Be a resource to those around you. What books have turned you into the person you are? What sources of inspiration help guide the most important decisions in your life? How did you become the happy, healthy, positive person you are today? Share the influences that shaped who you are so others can also benefit. Mine the rich experiences of your life and share your wisdom from your unique point of view.  Be vulnerable.  Be willing to share your failures as well as your successes. Others will relate to you.
“With aspiration, we see on the horizon what is possible, what can be achieved. “With inspiration, we whistle while we do the work. It puts the sparkle in our eyes” and enriches our soul. When we add in the right mix of inspiration and aspiration, something magical happens: Purpose ensues, success breeds more success and lofty goals are achieved. What we aspire to do stirs inspiration in others to join in.” So shouldn’t we ASPIRE TO INSPIRE?

“Don’t just be able; always make sure you are available. Be present to make a change.

Don’t just be alive; once you have arrived, find the reason why and make that reason accomplished.

Don’t just wish; be passionate about what you wish to see happen. Rise up and make it happen.

Don’t just be making a living; make a life and leave an indelible footstep wherever you step.

Don’t just create; create to change; change to improve; improve to increase. Aspire to inspire”

( Israelmore Ayivor,)
-Mahnoor Tariq