August 3, 2015 Youth Impact

Archery: an adventure exploration


For centuries, people belonging to different areas, ethnicities and tribes have used bows and arrows for the purpose of hunting animals and also to protect themselves. In the later years, bows and arrows were used in warfare by skilled bowmen. It was a good form of defense for the cities and provided ranged support as well. But with the advancement in technology it became obsolete. To this day, some tribes use it as their primary form of weapon. It is one of the oldest sports which is regarded to be closely linked to the development of civilizations.

Archery came up as a popular sport in the late 19th century and became part of the Olympics as well. In the mid 90’s, archery became a favorite recreation and competitions became more vying.



As a sport, archery teaches patience and control. It requires precision, calm, focus and determination. It is often referred to as a sport that is easy to learn but hard to perfect which makes it quite addictive.

The Equipment



The bows used in modern day games weigh around 45 pounds. There is a variety of different shapes and sizes available. The use depends upon the players comfort and ease. The bowstring is made of high-tech fiber stronger than steel. Stabilizers are mounted on the top and bottom to help in aim.



Shafts of arrows are typically wood. The arrow consists of an arrowhead attached at the front end which is pointy and sharp while natural or artificial feathers are used on the back end. The back support is commonly referred to as the fletching; designed to make the arrow fly straight. In any competition, the competitors may use unique colors.

Safety Equipment


Most archers wear bracers to cover their forearms, a leather Chestguard to protect against the bowstring, and shooting gloves.


A quiver is a container for holding arrows.

A bow sight can be used for aiming.

Competitive Archery

The most widely practiced form of competitive archery is target archery. The objective, obviously, is to hit as near the center as possible i.ei gaining the maximum points. The competition consists of several targets placed at varying distances involving many archers. It may be played outdoors or indoors.


Another competition is the field archery. It is played on rough terrains and in natural environments. This competition is much more difficult and realistic. The goal of field archery is to improve the technique required for bow hunting by providing an outdoor setting.

Written by: Arsal Rana