July 22, 2015 Youth Impact

8 memorable moments from Markhor 14′

1. The moment when it all get started!

The excitement of travelling, the joy of making new friends, and the passion to learn something,       well you’ve got to pack all these things as well, along with your stuff.


2. The moment when the delegates took the oath!

When you realize you are going to do something very phenomenal with your life, the wilderness has just begun.


3. The warm up exercises moment!

Getting ready for all the fun ahead and stirring all the energy inside you. This is the best chance to wake up the passionate Markhor inside yourself.


4. The posing-for-random-pictures moment

Who doesn’t like to be photographed? even the photos look good when there is green in the background.


5. Did I mention the bathing-with-the-sunscreen moment

Hiking boots, check!

sweaters, check!

jackets, check!

packing done?

Of course not, leave all the space in your bags for the bottles of sun screen to take with you.


6. bagpacks *.*

They give you backpacks as well, isn’t it amazing, I mean, these are good actually.


7. Dance till the world ends!



8.  And the famous award winning moment!

I want to thank my parents, friends,…..Ooops, okay prepare your thank you speeches as well, for who knows, you’ll be the lucky one.


Register away, people!!
Now is the chance


Written by: Alina Takreem