July 15, 2016 Youth Impact

7 ways to make a positive impact on society

Ola people!

Today I had my nerd mode on and I was reading. I happened to stumble upon something that was quite resonating. It was a quote from 20th century anarchist Emma Goldman. She once said “the most violent element in society is ignorance.” It’s a little too saddening to say that this statement stands rather true for our society. By every passing day our community is deteriorating, worsening and collapsing and I believe its sole reason is ignorance. The only hope to reinstate the condition of our society to a prosperous and healthy one is by creating a huge positive impact within it.


Wake up

WAKE UP! No seriously, please do! And when I say wake up it doesn’t mean to wake up literally early in the morning after a goodnight’s sleep. It means to wake up from that mental slumber of yours and have a good look at the short comings in our community. It’s high time we realized that this is OUR society, WE make it and WE break it!

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Count your blessings

We people are blessed with possibly every necessary and unnecessary thing in this word. We are educated and have opinions upon every issue ranging from American presidential elections to the best suited hair color for Zain Malik. But a community is never composed of people of same monetary status, education and mental level. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy the same luxuries as us. Therefore try counting your blessings and start being thankful for everything that you have. That is the only way to be thankful, contented and to realize what others feel without having them by your side. Try counting them; trust me you will run out of fingers to count upon the blessing

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 Change yourself

Our society is formed by every single one of us. Without us there is no society. Changing ourselves can have a huge impact on our community. You may have heard that a little goes a long way, believe me it does! Start with the baby steps; maybe start smiling more often, or using kind words or simply by thanking the people who work under you wholeheartedly. Hey! Charity always begins at home. Change yourself, inspire others to change and watch your community progress! Or to put it in words of Han soul Kim Make a difference in yourself, for the better. Such an inward difference always has rippling outward benefits.

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Acknowledge the power within you

Know yourself! What you like, what you dislike, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. And then improve your weak points and polish the strengths. Utilize your energy positively and take your first step towards creating a positive impact on your society. Maria Thieme couldn’t put it more accuratelyAcknowledge the light within myself and in others. Not always easy to do but feels so powerful when I am able to do so.”

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 Observe and Act

Observe the things and events happening around you. Keep an eye on news. Have your own opinions and do not be afraid of sharing them with everyone around you. Observe and then act accordingly after all you have to” Be more involved in the world. You can’t be a spectator forever.”

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 Inspire others

Change yourself and encourage others to change as well. As I said earlier, change yourself. Inspire others to change and watch your community progress! You can always work fine by yourself but you know what they say the more the merrier. And anyway an impact is never created all alone. You need people to do that and what better way to involve people than by inspiring them.

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Follow the aforementioned steps and create an impact upon your society. Your impact maybe as small as convincing people to smile at each other while passing through the streets or as huge as convincing a village’s women and men to send their kids to study , result will be common at the end which is  internal satisfaction and a sense of purpose of life.

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