May 16, 2015 Youth Impact

7 ways to get most out of the Markhor

Observe from a distance

Markhors are not fond of other life forms, be them goats. They tend to stay by themselves and keep a small company.

Do not corner them

The Markhor will not hesitate to strike if it sees you as a threat and has nowhere to run. Stay safe by not getting it scared.

Their habitat

The Markhor wants to stay at home at all times. It enjoys with the others and stays where it likes the most. Like a popular saying: “A man’s home is his castle”.

Approach slowly

It may be rare owing to the fact that it is a wild animal, but with caution, one might be able to approach a Markhor and not get hurt at the same time. They key is patience.

Sight-seeing in winters

During the winter season, the Markhors come downhill where there is less cold and spend the season there.

An afternoon walk

The Markhor is active in the cooler times of the day when it looks for something to eat. This is the best time to examine its behavior and how it moves around.

Stop hunting!

Large amounts of Markhor herds were killed by hunters from within the land and from foreigners. This led to a subsequent decrease in their population. This decreasing amount led to the animal being declared endangered and they were scarcely seen then. Recently the government took measures to stop this foul practice and situations have gotten better. Therefore, live and let live!

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