July 9, 2015 Youth Impact

7 things that only Markhor will teach you

1. You’ll learn self confidence

Being a responsible person of your team, you’ll be able to look at the challenges from a different perspective. This ill not only boast your confidence but will also amplify your wisdom.


2. You’ll meet other leaders

Inspiration is all what you need to become a leader, and well we have a lot of inspiring personalities for you at Markhor.


3. You’ll be able to empower your skills

It is Markhor that will make you realize that you can sing, dance and not only that, you can cook as well!



4. You’ll learn how to influence people

Be an example to the people around you, motivate them, challenge them and tell them that all of this is because of Markhor *winks



5. You’ll learn team work

When you’ll be working with a lot of different kinds of people in a group, you will be able to experience a lot of things. When you are working in a team, the success credit is divided amongst all of the members of the team and so is the failure blame.



6. You’ll learn how to tackle real life problems

There will be no boring table talks and lectures, instead you’ll be able to discover you true self, your powers and your flaws.



7. You’ll learn how to deal with other people

This is something you can only learn when you work with a lot of diverse people and Markhor provides you a chance to do so.




Written by: Alina Takreem