April 28, 2015 Youth Impact

7 reasons why attending markhor made me a better person

The Markhor conference organized by Youth Impact was a unique experience which I should say groomed me to become what I am today. It taught me values that nothing else could teach and made me a better person as a whole.

1. The value of teamwork

The importance of teamwork and mutual collaboration was the first thing I learned while attending the Markhor conference. Before setting off, at the base of Mukshpuri in Dunga Gali, we were sorted into tribes. We were expected to act as a group and collaborate in helping each other out during the entire conference. Throughout the hike and later on in the conference, we acted together and I came to know just how good it was to be a part of a team.

2. Befriending strangers

Everyone at Markhor was a total stranger to me. Never had I been alone with so many strangers before. Getting to know strangers, befriending them and sharing valuable moments with them left a lasting and refreshing impression on me. I made many new connections with people who are still in touch with me and help me out whenever I need them to.


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3. Inspiration to succeed

The inspirational stories of the speakers of how they overcame their struggles to get to where they were now kindled a fire within me. I said to myself, “If they can rise above their difficulties to achieve greatness then why not me? I can do it too; I will make my own way to greatness.” This fire led to increased hope and optimism about the future and I strived to achieve more and more success thereafter. I’m still trying to succeed but now with a new zeal and passion inside me.

4. Aiming high

To me, Markhor was the starting point of a whole new chapter of my life. The conference taught me to aim high, reach for the stars and, never look back. It taught me to aim high so that in order to achieve it I would work harder and consequently rise towards my goal.

5. Motivation to lead

The conference instilled in me the will to lead. The inspirational stories, the awesome games and activities and interaction with fellow attendees motivated and inspired me to take a leading role in my life and choose for myself what I wish to become. It redefined my thinking into leading the pack instead of following someone else.

6. Cultural diversity

At the conference I met people from diverse backgrounds and thanks to the cultural night I got to see many cultures and traditions. This instilled in me, an immense respect for all the cultures and I came to love them all.


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7. Unifying with nature

The exquisite beauty of the Mukshpuri peak and the surrounding valleys was almost as if we had ascended to heaven itself. By depriving us of our prized gadgets i.e. mobiles, markhor allowed us to bond with nature and admire its beauty. It allowed me to relax and calm myself in the refreshing air away from the bustling city I lived in. It changed something within me and nowadays I seek solitude away from the busy world.

 By Faran Shahid

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