April 16, 2015 Youth Impact

6 Wilderness based hotels in the world

1.Attrap Reves, France

A night under the canopy of stars, surrounded by pine trees, and if you are lucky enough you may see rabbits or squirrels around you cracking pine nuts, a perfect place to visit while living in your bubble of comfort….YES you literally live in a glass bubble in the pine forest…exciting isn’t it. This innovative chain of hotels knows how is it like to experience wilderness. These stylish bubbles are all located within a short walking distance from the village. These are exclusively designed to be ecologically friendly. These bubbles are made up of environment friendly recyclable material and each one of them is designed with a theme.

2. Magic Mointain Hotel, Chile

The rooms are built inside an artificial mountain. The mountain has artificial waterfalls which blow like volcanoes. You need to cross a monkey bridge to get there.

3. The Caves Resort, Jamaica

This stunning hotel is located close to the Nergile’s awesome seven mile beachfrony and endless azure waters. You can explore the unexplored here, while enjoying all the luxuries. The area also offers some of the best adventures like, scuba diving, jet skiing, hiking and horse riding.

4. Singita Sweni, South Africa

This beauty resting on an area of 33000 acre is housed amongst hundreds of trees at Sweni River. A peaceful place to tranquilize your mind and a hideaway from the rest of the world. You cant find a place more beautiful and sexier than this baby.

5. Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

The first landscape hotel in Europe situated in a little village in Norway. An amalgam of modern architecture with natural landscape is what you find interesting here.

6. Kakslauttanen –Lapland, Finland

It is not just an ice hotel but there is a whole range of overnight options, from glass igloos to the gold digger’s cabin. You’ll not even hear a peep from outside world. Snugging in a down sleeping bag , you’ve got to experience a freezing icy adventure.

So, have you packed your bags yet?

Written by: Alina Takreem

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