July 24, 2015 Youth Impact

6 things you should not miss during youth

1. The fun of being young


Let’s face it. You’re never going to be young again ever. These years of life should be spent with joy and happiness and with all the people you have.

2. Travel


You won’t get time for it when you’re old. With all the more responsibilities and tasks piled, there is little possibility you would a vacation. So, take a voyage while you still can.

3. Your dream


The youth is the right time to pursue what you always think about and want to do. A little late and it’s already too late.


4. Games


Play while your body supports you. It is a blessing to be able to take part in whatever you like. Your mind may still be young but won’t help you unless your body thinks the same.

5. The Company of friends


Apart from being extremely likable. A gathering of friends teaches many lessons.


6. Opportunities


The world all available for exploration. Everything up for grabs. Everything can be a future prospect.


Written by: Faran Shahid