April 18, 2015 Youth Impact

6 Things You Should Do Everyday

Wake up early

Waking up early every day makes me feel invigorated and gives me a great beginning to the day which almost always leads to a great rest of the day. Early morning is a time when I am super focused and can do some great work.

It makes me well-disciplined and I manage my tasks and time effectively. Waking up every day requires discipline too, especially about what time I sleep. Best schedule that suits me is disengaging from the day at 9:30pm and sleeping at 10pm. This ritual helps me wake up at 6am feeling fresh.


Exercise daily

Exercise is a keystone habit which paves the way for growth in all other areas. We are all aware of how significant it is but very few do it consistently. Let alone numerous health benefits, exercise makes you happier, smarter, improves sleep, increases libido and makes you feel better about your body. A study at Harvard, that tracked a group of men for more than 70 years, identified it as one of the secrets to happier life.



Have a habit of disengagement

As mentioned previously, I disengage from the day at 9:30 and go for running on a pre-decided route which I have done many times. This relaxes me and helps my mind get rid of the stresses faced throughout the day.
While on the route, several healthy thoughts enter and leave my mind and I feel so calm and relaxed that by the time I return, I fall asleep sooner than if I had closed my laptop a few minutes earlier.


Spend time with friends and family

Relationships are worth more than you think. A staggering $131,232 a year! Being cut-off from social circles can make you stupider and can kill you. Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert identified this as biggest source of happiness in life. Being lonely can cause heart attack, stroke and/or diabetes.

Friends are of great significance in leading happier life. Share your thought regularly with them and respond enthusiastically when they share theirs to maintain good relationships.




Laughing leads to a better immune system. People who use humor as a tool to cope with their stresses tend to live longer. It reduces risks of heart attack and stroke. Laughter should be a like regular dose.
“A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin.


Challenge yourself

Plan to do something that challenges you to learn something new. Learning a new language can keep your mind sharp. Learning music can increase your intelligence. Studying scriptures of your own belief would also help brain’s retaining power. Precisely, do something brave which drags you out of your comfort zone and stretches your endurance.

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