April 25, 2015 Youth Impact

6 reasons why I want to be a Markhor

Splendid creatures 

The Markhor is a symbol of magnificence. It represents the Pakistanis’ will to exist and to be known. I, too, want to have such a personality that inspires people to live and strive. The Markhor is a rare to observe animal and the few lucky ones who do see them cherish that very moment, it brings a smile on their faces. People should be like that…making others happy!


The Markhor is strong, like really strong. It can jump several feet height with much ease. It bears several pounds of weight of the horns above its head at all times. It is also one of the largest goats. Strength should be shown where required so others won’t take advantage of you.


Undisturbed by the masses, the Markhor lives in heaven on earth. The place is peaceful with little to
no interference from anything. No matter how difficult the conditions may be, the Markhor literally enjoys living. More even since their hunting is currently not allowed.


The Markhor is brave, brave in terms when faced with a predator. It does not hesitate from falling immense heights.

Interesting fact: It eats snake and after eating while it drools its spit, it makes a stone called “Manka” which is used to re-cure snake poison

The horns are used to fight away disliked animals usually other goats and are also used to compete for females.

Organised lifestyle 

The Markhor spends the summers at high altitudes where the weather is relatively cooler and comes downhill in the winters. It spends its whole life in the same way in an orderly fashion. A simple life was all I ever wanted. Not trying to change the situations around me but try to alter myself to the conditions surrounding me.

Be with less 

The Markhors like to keep to themselves. They are not really fond of keeping large companies unlike other goat species which tend to stay in herds.Image

In my opinion, lesser the people in your circle, lesser will be your worries. It eliminates the factor of keeping everybody happy and creates a good understanding among the individuals.


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