May 17, 2015 Youth Impact

6 Pre-Markhor Moments

The markhor conference was an amazing experience but the events leading up to it were also great.

First we all gathered at the base of the Mukshpuri peak. There the Starting Ceremony was held whose main points included the dua for a good event and also the inspirational markhor oath.

After that we were briefed about the procedure of the conference and divided into tribes

After this exercises were held to loosen up our muscles and ensure our fitness.

After the exercises we gathered around the starting point of the big journey ready to set off. Then off we went along with our tribes

It was a race to the top to see which tribe would reach first. Each person had to support its tribe and help it reach the top working as a team

Finally we reached our long awaited destination and the true venue of the conference: the Mukshpuri peak.


All in all the experience was wonderful but I have to say the following conference was even better.

By Faran Shahid

By Faran Shahid

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