July 24, 2016 Youth Impact

5 ways to prepare adventure


We Humans, seek experiences that enrich our lives and challenge us so we can return home, transformed and upgraded. The places we’ve visited are no longer faraway dots on a map, but are instead filled with memories of the faces of people we’ve met on our trip.


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What lies ahead is uncertain. What if there was a way to travel and make deliberate decisions that would not only help to change our own lives, but also the lives of the people in those places? Is it possible to align your travel approach and spend decisions with your values? And how to prepare for an Adventure?

Here are the 5 basics to prepare yourself for an adventure:

  1. Define adventure for yourself

People tend to think of an adventure as something hazardous or dangerous; if that gives you a pause, perhaps think of it as something enjoyable, unique, and a departure from your routine.

What qualifies as an adventure depends upon you — your perspectives, desires, experiences, and so on. One man’s adventure may be another’s routine. Don’t worry about how others may define it; if it feels like an adventure to you, it is one.


  1. Seek inspiration

Even if it is up to you to determine your own adventures, examining the adventurous lives of others can help clarify your own goals, desires, and limits.
Plan for the unplanned. Don’t wait for the perfect time to take an adventure, because the perfect time will never come. That’s just an excuse people make for not going.

Do a little less planning than you’re comfortable doing. Pack your suitcase as normal, then force yourself to repack using a suitcase half the size.


  1. Mental preparation

Mentally you need to get out of automatic pilot. Focusing your mind is the best way to face an adventure. You have to separate the risks that might happen from the present moment by taking things one day at a time. Hike your way out while convincing yourself that you will eventually get to the other side of Inyo National Forest, in the southern Sierra Mountains, and go home riding a dusty van waiting on the other side.


  1. Don’t fear your fear

Courage is the mastery of fear, not the elimination of it. Fear is part of what makes an adventure an adventure.

Master your fear not only of undertaking an adventure, but of failing at it. You know the saying about the journey being more important than the destination? Well, taking on the challenge of learning to surf is more important, and personally rewarding, than whether or not you can stay on your board and ride in a big wave.


  1. Finding the strength for a Warrior

 Before starting your adventure, it was your destiny with few MF staffers to join a Warrior, You are convinced that you can handle the situation not even knowing what is around the corner. You believe that you can manage muscle confusion and mud pits, aside from enduring the fatigue of blazing heat on your way to the finish line—wherever it is. You still believe you are getting into an epic adventure partially blind. But knowing your limits is power, not a weakness.


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Ali Hamza