July 10, 2015 Youth Impact

5 things that make Markhor different from other conferences


1. Wilderness:


Country’s first wilderness based leadership conference has many other things, besides leadership, to teach you. Table talks can only tell you ‘how’ while at markhor you have to apply all your knowledge and develop a strategy all by yourself. Sounds challenging, well who does not love challenges!

2.    Camping and trekking:


There is an additional package of fun waiting for you out there. Two nights under the canopy of stars and adventure packed days where you can do all the good stuff you ever imagined. This is markhor! Yes, and besides it will be better and more exciting this year.

3.Learning experience:


Not only leadership, you also learn a lot of different things from your mentors, shephards and other markhors, like team work etc. Plus the more people you meet the more friends you make and at the end you are a whole new person after returning from markhor.

4.    Cultural diversity:


The diversity is the essence of Markhor which makes you closely observe the beautiful traditions of other cultures of Pakistan. As far as we know, Pakistan is a colorful amalgam of a variety of different cultures, which you’ll be able to closely observe at Markhor :))

5.    Fun


Do I need to mention the fun our markhors had? The games, the bonfire, and the food all in the open air, this all adds up to a whole new experience of adventure plus fun.



Written by: Alina Takreem