July 10, 2015 Youth Impact

5 things that can make you a good leader



1. Take the Initiative

A good leader has the capacity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that is expected from him. Moreover, he sets an example for those in pursuit of him. He has to become a true role model.


2. Communication

Knowing what you have to do is essential, but telling someone to do their job is crucial. To be able to lead, a person should have effective communications skills.


3. Rules and Guidelines

A good leader abides by the regulations of the society, as well as, by those set by himself. They act as a bonus to his moral reputation and value.


4. Dedication

It is the one trait by which a person can earn the respect and trust of the others. A person committed to his work is always looked up to.


 5. Don’t act Bossy

People never like to follow a person who gives orders forces them to their job. A person who sets an example for the people under him always gets the work done.


by: Arsal Rana