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5 reasons that make a markhor so resilient

One of the most exquisite animals is the national animal of Pakistan: Markhor. It lives in the dangerous and rugged terrains of the Himalayas. The Markhor is quite resilient and thrives in harsh environments surviving the extreme temperatures and conditions created by the Himalayas.



Due to the harsh conditions of its habitat the markhor is very agile. The mountains where it resides are some of the highest in the world. In such rough conditions the extreme agility of a markhor allows it to reach places no other animal can reach and find sustenance located in the most unusual places. Females and immature males can even climb trees in order to eat leaves. It utilizes its agility to escape from its predators like the snow leopard.



The markhor is very strong as in needs to survive in the harsh conditions of the Himalayas. Its strength is one of the main components that allows it to survive the mountains. Another use of its strength comes in the mating season. The males fight for the right to the females in a duelling process called rutting.


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They charge at each other using the entirety of their strengths and smash their horns together. The one to defeat all others is the winner. Although docile, there have been some cases where they have used their power to fend off enemies as well.


Thick coat 

The thick coat of the markhor helps it survive the extremely cold temperatures of their natural habitat and thrive in unforgiving conditions. They are found between 600 and 3600 meters in elevation and the temperature often drops below zero. In these conditions the thick coat helps them survive.



In terms of speed there is hardly anyone in its natural habitat that can challenge the markhor except the snow leopard. Coupled with its agility, the markhor is quite hard to catch. It can sprint up a mountain quite fast and escape predators reasonably well.


Keen senses 

The markhor’s sense of sight and smell are very good allowing it to detect food and predators from far away and act accordingly. They are always on high alert for predators and are constantly aware of their surroundings. Their reaction time in response to predators is very fast thanks to their keen senses.

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