July 9, 2015 Youth Impact

5 leadership skills everyone has

Leadership skills are not taught, it is something that comes from within one’s self. I have few example, consider an apple, everyone has its own reviews about it, but just newton think it differently, and derived universal law from it, did he being led by someone, off course not, it’s his own way of thinking the science behind everything. Another example what you think about a fish?, answers may be its water living body, or it’s a sea food, something like that but this fish leads us to the concept of sub-marine which is now playing vital role in defending under-water borders of countries.

Young minds are asset of any society, they are fresh, full of innovative ideas and much more . When these two, leadership and youth combines ,it gives a strong tool which may prove very useful in led the foundation of society. The best way to be a good leader is to be a good role model, leader is the one who discover the path , walk on it and show his follower the way. Leadership is another name of team-work.

Here are the 5 qualities of young leaders.

  • Any person who follows his passion is a leader to himself:

Young individual are driven by their passion than any other thing. Many of us are remain confuse our whole life about our own passion, but the ones who discover must be the lucky ones. When the passion combines with the hard work it shines brightly that everyone notice you. It not only express your body language but your confidence, charisma and self-esteem. People do better when they do, what they love.



  • A leader must be supportive:

Support is the backbone of any team. One need to be supportive and good in listening and observance, learn to overcome the weaknesses and urge motivation in team . Everyone has its own way of expressing things. So leader should be patient enough to deal with everyone calmly.



  • A creative person can make a good leader:

Some decisions need to be made quickly, on the run time when there is “do or die” situation. For such scenarios one need to think out of box to find out solutions. You have to brainstorm the case and quickly derive the best decision because it this situation your team is looking at you for better outcome.



  • A positive attitude is what you need to have to be a leader:

To stay positive in every situation is what define man’s optimistic level. Positivity is essential to productivity, team work, and happiness. Your tune will made or ruin your day, for example if mistakes are made then you should see the bright side of it and mold accordingly.4444444


  • Honesty is the best policy:

Honesty is the Key to success, whatever the situation is, be honest to your team, because you are the one, who will set the milestone for them to follow your path. Honesty has strongest effect and influence on others. Any relationship whether personal or professional is base of the amount of honesty being shown, people prefer to work under honest leaders who fully aware of their duties and help followers in theirs.5555555

Written by: Ayesha Tahir