August 17, 2016 Youth Impact

5 best ways to prepare a camping menu

Hello world!

How are you? It’s been quite a wonderful day till now; the sun is shining, the kids have waddled off to their schools, the air is clean and my belly is thankfully stuffed with mommy made parathay.  Wallahhi! This taste *rolls eyes*  is out of the world. Especially if you are a hostalite and have realized the EHMIYAT of mommy made food!




Anyways back to the point, considering the food problems that students who live at hostels suffer from makes me realize that there are a million other places where food making, eating and  serving are a real problem. One such occasion happens to be when we are out camping. Making food and apparently serving it to a great number of people can actually leave the maker and the server of the food in a suffocating tight little spot. So here are a few hacks that you could always keep rolled up your sleeve to prepare the best meal while camping



Listen to me love, whilst camping the easiest method to stuff your face with some food is by carrying canned food with you. Canned soups, rice dishes and even halwas are available in wide range these days. So go ahead ease up your life and go buy yourself some canned food. But there is a drawback to this method as this might prove expensive when you are out camping with a bunch of people.




Try carrying a portable ice stuffed cooler with you and stuff all your pre frozen food in it. This could sort out your food problems while you are out on a short camping trip. You could always carry frozen marinated meat of any kind. Pop it out on a skillet grill it or fry it and you could enjoy your meal with your friends and family. If you are not a big meat fan you can always carry porridge, which happens to be both nutritious and scrumptious





When out in wilderness food choices are limited mainly due to limited supplies. Under such situations it is always nice to have a few easy peasy recipes by your side so that you are able to whip up something real quick. Here are few recipes that might help.


Campfire Breakfast Potatoes


Recipe here!

Oh why! You are welcome! *Wink! Wink!*


 Campfire scrambled eggs


Recipe here


 Carry some snacks

Carrying some snacks with you while camping is an easy way to settle those hunger pangs. It’s always beneficial to carry snacks that are healthy, have high nutritional value and are easy to carry. Examples of such snacks include granola bars, nuts and energy biscuits





One word for you! MARSHMELLOWS! Just roast them up while sitting next to a campfire and indulge in that gooey goodness






I hope these ideas help

Happy munching!

Ayesha Hameed