July 9, 2015 Youth Impact

4 myths that keep you from travel


Myth #1: New is dangerous

First and foremost. The change of environment causes you to think, act and learn in a new way. New isn’t always dangerous. New can be tough but new definitely inspires you. New may seem scary but it is a much needed agent of change.



Myth #2: Unknown people are dangerous

When you travel to a foreign state, you meet different kinds of people. Sometimes totally different from what you can imagine. But it is through new people that you learn. Old becomes boring. A boring life leads to a sad and dull living. New people can prove to be a spark in your life and give you that vital happiness which many of us long for.




Myth #3: Travel is too expensive

You can never run out of money if you plan effectively. Most people think travel expenses may bankrupt them. If you look carefully and explore, there are all kinds of packages for tour seekers.


Myth #4: It wastes a lot of time

Observing new things won’t hurt you. Traveling is an experience you need to take. It opens up a whole new world of great opportunities and who knows where you might find the perfect place to live and work. It is not always bad to try new things and take risks.




Written by: Arsal Rana