July 4, 2016 Youth Impact

4 International cultural facts about Pakistan

Literature and Poetry
Literature is an important aspects of our cultural life. Most of our poets reflect Islamic code and deliver the message of love and brotherhood. Similarity of thought among poets and writers of all regions is an important factor of our cultural life.
Sufi poets occupy an honored place. Sufis like Lal Shahbaz, Data Ganj Baksh, Shah Abdul Lateef, Sachal Sarmast, Hazrat Sultan Bahu and Waris Shah rendered meritorious services for the spread of Islam in the subcontinent and aided in the betterment of literature and poetry.1

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Dress and Diet
Dress is an important manifestation of culture. Regional dresses of Pakistan have under gone changes due to local traditions, economic conditions, and wealth. But in all provinces people generally wear the traditional dress by Salwar Kameez.
The food we consume is famous all across globe for its unique and diverse taste. Many people around the world visit Pakistan just to taste and the exquisite cuisines and traditional dishes of Pakistan.2

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Arts and Architecture
The iconoclasm in subcontinent due to its historical past, has given a characteristic form and pattern in the use of elegant designs, based on geometric figures and floral forms borrowed from nature. The Shah Jahan Mosque, Shalimar Garden, Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qilaan many such graceful buildings are a living proof of the splendid Mughal architecture. In many countries workers mastered in arts are called from Pakistan to design and give unique royal taste we are known for.3

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Embroidery, leather works, glazed pottery, wood work, carpet making, metal crafts, and ivory are the essential parts of our culture. Pakistani craftsmen are considered the best in their craftsmanship. They are known for the high quality works which is very popular in foreign countries.4

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