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4 cultural dishes of Pakistan

What time is it?
dinner time….of course
what are you eating?
oh! This…whatever it is….do you know its origin?
no? who cares….
yeah who cares
but just in case anyone wanna know!

Every country or region has its own food and cuisine and everyone has their own style of catering the food. For instance in India there are hundreds of thousands of types of cooked food, in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, they have a million ways to cook only rice and fish. In Pakistan we not only have traditional foods derived from the recipies of cooks of Mughals and other Muslim emperors, but we also have regional foods. All he four provinces have their own ways of cooking and presenting food. Here’s the list of the most popular food in Pakistan:

1 Halwa Puri:


Halwa puri is a dish that mainly has its roots in Punjab. You can watch a whole lot of people standing by the halwa puri stalls on weekends, for a Sunday morning is incomplete without a traditional halwa puri breakfast. It is famous all over the world for its yummy taste and eye catching colour. To make it even more tasty, it is also sometimes served with “aloo cholay”.

2. Seeji and Dampukht:


Balochistan is what the origin of these two cuisines is. It is made by skewing a whole lamb, which obviously is done by professionals and native Balochis. Dampukht is also a dish of meat. You are pretty much going to love this tasty and scrumptious dish but mind you, it has a lot of fats too!

3. Makai ki roti with sarson ka saag:


Just like the spinach can of Popeye the sailorman, this green dish of saag is full of energy and taste. Saag is never complete withour Makai ki roti. This typically desi Punjabi food is enough to represent the culture of Punjab.

3. Haleem and Hareesa:


If you are a Karachiite you must be familiar with these dishes. The amalgam of lentils, rice, meat etc, is super doper tasty as haleem and hareesa and I am pretty much sure you wanna have a bite of these mouthwatering dishes.


Written by: Alina Takreem


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