April 25, 2015 Youth Impact

3 reasons that make a Markhor strong

Living in sheer isolation, we have the honour of making this creature our national animal. It is regarded as one of the strongest goats if not animals. But what is the reason behind the strength of this magnificent animal?


Survival Instinct

It is the will of existence of these animals that make them unfathomably robust. Their movements are rapid and agile which allows them to vanish in a blink of an eye.


Food is scarce and found mostly in hard-to-reach places. Conditions are harsh, and danger is never far away. Terrain is not the only enemy of the Markhor. An animal as mighty as the snow leopard is often seen trailing the Markhor but to no avail. The Markhor possess keen eyesight and a strong sense of smell to detect nearby predators. Owing to their strong hind legs, they move away from predators as well as avoid grave danger up in the high mountains. Their thick coat of fur protects them from low temperatures in the higher Himalayas were few other animals dare to go. The male coats are usually lighter than that of females but the male horns grow much larger in size.



Being one of their most distinctive features, they can be extremely deadly no matter how wonderful they seem. They may seem decorative at first but the Markhors won’t hesitate to use them if an outsider poses a threat.


During the mating season, the males fight by interlocking the horns and try to make their rival lose its balance. Although this animal is quite shy but the females would go to any extent for the protection of its new-born. The Markhor has incredible control over its horns. Despite the large size and weight, the Markhor can target the enemy. A simple swing of the huge horns can severely injure any intruder.


Fear and shyness

The Markhor uses panic as a defensive mechanism for split second decisions. It won’t wait for anything to make its move but would spree on the slightest hint of danger. The males spend most of their time in solidarity; not because they don’t like company but because they are afraid, afraid of responsibility. They look out for themselves and act on sheer instinct. This approach of theirs has allowed them to stay strong in harsh environments.


Apart from being afraid, the Markhors are extremely shy animals. They like to spend their time in remote areas. The females, too, remain with the ‘kid’ until maturity. This shy attitude has allowed them to stay safe. Their strength comes from the fact that they are difficult to find and observe. They spend their time high up, places that are hard to reach to.


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