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3 most popular social projects in the world

Man is a social animal. The need to stay in a community and work together is ingrained in us. We are programmed to collaborate and help each other out. Thus when a human is in trouble others clamber to help him solve the problem. However, when the problem becomes gigantic what happens then? Do we abandon those in need and save ourselves?

When the problem size increases the number of people affected increases and consequently the number of people helping also increases. On a global scale we collaborate and solve the problem in order to restore balance in the world. The following social projects are the most popular ones nowadays:

  1. Polio eradication

Polio has plagued humans for a long time causing deformities in the infected people. So in order to take out polio the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with several other partners has created a social project aimed at eliminating polio from the face of Earth. Banding together numerous organizations and people they have fought long and hard in order to take out polio. With the help of people and the distribution of the vaccine they have managed to almost eradicate polio entirely but the battle is still on until the elimination of polio.

Source: http://i1.tribune.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/polio111111-640×480.jpg

  1. Internet.org

This is an initiative started by Facebook and the objective is to help more and more people connect to the internet and reduce the number of people who are living without the internet. This objective has started around the world with the African countries being the first ones to receive help. It is a social project where they use people’s donations to buy internet equipment and hand it over to the needy. Before this only about 1/3 of the population was connected to the internet but now more and more people are gaining exposure to the internet.

Source: http://cache.pakistantoday.com.pk/o-MARK-ZUCKERBERG-INTERNET-ORG-facebook.jpg

  1. Combatting AIDS

RED is a social project backed by many big names like Apple and Dr. Dre which aims to eradicate AIDS from the world. It uses many innovate techniques to make people donate to the cause and furthermore it is also doing the work required. They are raising awareness about AIDS and also promoting preventative measures and medicines in order to stop the spread of AIDS.

Source: http://assets.red.org/content_images/BRSL_Lockup_August2013_1140x640.jpg

You can see that if humans get together on a common front there is not a thing they cannot do. They can take out the biggest problems by working together and these social projects are just a step in the right direction.

Written by: Faran Shahid

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