April 16, 2015 Youth Impact



  1. Adam Hildreth:

This young entrepreneur, at the age of fourteen, launched his own website called, “Dubit”. This website became one of the most popular social network for young entrepreneur kids by 2004. He also developed a software that could protect from cyber crimes, such as online predators, harassment and spamming.

  1. Sean Belnick:

How often you come across an internet retailer for every kind of furniture? That brilliant idea struck to the mind of this young entrepreneur at the age of 14. Starting from an initial investment of 500 dollars, and using his bedroom as his office, he, now, runs one of the most successful internet retailer, bizzarechair.com.

  1. Ashley Qualls:

Whateverlife.com is one of the most amazing website for those who want to learn HTML. This website also provides you with the free my space layouts. The creator of this website is a young girl, Ashley Qualls, and she started her project by a mere amount of 8 dollars, she took as a loan from her grandmother and guess what? She made her first million at only the age of seventeen.

  1. Adam Horwitz:

To teach people marketing strategies, Adam developed many online courses. His first website, that gave him a six figure profit was a mobile monopoly, that taught people mobile marketing tips and leads. Sticking to his ambition, he started developing a few more websites, similar to mobile monopoly, which were also meant to teach online courses. His current project is Yep Text, which is a mobile based advertising venture for buisnesses.

  1. Juliette Brindak:

The creator of world’s largest website managed by only girls, Juliette had this idea in mind when she was merely 10 years old. The idea was supported by her parents, and her mother, who was a graphic designer and, her father who was a business man helped her create this awesome website for the girls all around the world.

  1. Cameron Johnson

To start up his venture, young Cameron was collecting money since he was nine years old and by the age of eleven he was able to start his company ‘cheers and tears’. He also had his name written in the development of several other ventures, including creating EZ mail which is a software to forward emails, and surfingprice.com, which is an online advertisement venture.

  1. Tylor Dikman

In the year 2000, when most of the people were not familiar with the usage of internet, 15 years old Tylor took the responsibility of teaching people about computer and internet usage, and how to get rid of viruses.

  1. Catherine and David Cook

These two young entrepreneurs are, in a way, competing facebook by their own social networking site, “My Yearbook”. Over 5 million users of this website are currently recorded.

  1. John Magennis:

Back in 90’s, young Magennis started selling websites for a few bucks. The business got so well tha now he is building websites for $15 dollars to as much as $30,000 dollars per site.

  1. Fiza Farhan:

Co founder of Bakhsh Foundation, Pakistani Fiza Farhan is listed among 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs for 2015. To provide rural and poor areas with clean energy resources, Bakhsh Foundation is a microfinance institution and is working really well.

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