Markhor 2017! Creating young social leaders with a global mindset.

Youth Impact is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing leadership potential in the youth. Its seeds lie in the passion of internationally qualified youth trainers, outdoor educators and youth who wish to channelize their energy for a better future.
During 2012-13 alone, Youth Impact touched over 8000 youth through various initiatives of leadership development. We conduct leadership development and training programs using revolutionary tools of learning, aimed at developing the right skills and mindset required for youth to succeed beyond the means provided by conventional education.
Youth Impact creates, innovates and teaches. Our representatives all over the country and beyond share the mission of helping youth discover their talents, become more effective in their means and develop a sense of service to their country and the wider world.

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کیاپایا؟؟“ اور وہ اس بات کا جواب ہی سوچتی رہ گئی۔۔کیا واقعی اس کا جواب دینا آسان تھا؟؟ اسے پہاڑ کی چوٹی پر کنارے کے بالکل قریب کھڑی لڑکی یاد

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The Aftershocks of Markhor

I still remember, we drove off to Dunga Gali, and a bunch of delegates stood over at the cold, Crisp weather at the Mukshpuri hotel. Moments later we were asked

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Unity through diversity

Let's take a closer look at what these two keywords actually mean; Unity: joined as a whole. Diversity: variety. Hmm, seems pretty different now doesn't it? It actually puzzles my

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  •  Today I learnt that positivity and creativity is key to success.

    Ifrah Sarfaraz - Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Karachi

    Participant of Be Your Best

  • It was a testament to the goodness of the people around me that an introvert like me felt so much at ease. Spending days with these wonderful people was definitely what made Markhor an experience of a lifetime for me.

    Reja Tajir - IBA Karachi

    Participant of Markhor 2013

  • Youth Impact’s Markhor initiative is a debut activity of grooming youngsters in a positive way. Regardless of how differently people are being treated in other arenas of country, the paradigm provided by Markhor is remarkable…

    Awais Ali - Gilgit-Baltistan

    Participant of Markhor 2013

  •  The experiential way of leadership training is certainly commendable. It is a fact that our conventional way of teaching lacks the urge for students to be good practitioners. And we must embrace the effective tools and methodologies used by the developed world…

    Dr. Tahir Raza - Director Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences
  •  Very unique and inspiring way to teach us about the purpose and importance of life

    Sumaira Khan - President Ground Breakers Society, Karachi University

    Participant of Be Your Best

  • The management courses don’t teach you this, you can’t learn it from books either, you have to go hands on, experience it. That’s how they taught us at Chasing Snow Leopard

    Mian Moaz - NUST Business School, Islamabad

    Participant of Chasing Snow Leopard




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